My Story

Hey there! My name is Monica Redondo. I am the creator of Wholistic Breathing Therapies. I am a pisces, born and raised in Puerto Rico, I love my family & teaching self love and healing is what I am meant to do. I currently live between Vermont & Puerto Rico.

I started this journey eleven years ago with the birth of my first son. I went to school at Institute of Integrated Nutrition in NYC to become a Health Coach. Later I took certifications in REIKI, Numerology and THETA HEALING. I passionately self study  healthy cooking, Ayurveda, meditation, visualization, herbs, Chinese Medicine and everything cosmic related. After practicing and sharing these topics with myself, friends, and family I was ready to further deepen my understanding of aromatherapy at the Jeanne Rose School. I started creating rituals and formulas using all I had learned through the years. Combining visualization rituals, using the moon phases for self love & most importantly essential oils. I LOVE oils. Seriously. I have tried every brand in the market. Small & big. I love to use them for beauty purposes, natural remedies and for inner growth. I believe, OILS, are one of the quickest and safest way we can heal & nurture ourselves.

Healing the mind, the body and the spirit by taking us back to our center with every inhale.

So why I do what I do ?

I have always being a healer and a FINDER.  I can't help myself. This business keeps me motivated to keep on learning, finding new things, but most importantly it connects me to beautiful souls like you. Because when you learn you teach. I love the power of nature & the magic of the universe. My wish today is that you enjoy my therapies & rituals as much as I truly enjoy making them. Each purchase is made to order by me. With so much good love & intentions. I hope you feel them when you open the package.

Where do I get the raw materials I use?

I buy pure therapeutic essential oils and carrier oils from Eden Botanicals & Mountain Rose Herbs. All of the oils I use are organic & wildcrafted. The crystals I am using on my blends this month are all ROSE quartz. These healing crystals help with the opening of the heart. I clean the crystals with sea salt before charging them on the full moon for 24 hours & before packaging them I smudge them with palo santo.

Thank you for stopping by.



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